Retirement Planning

Although retirement might seem a long way off, it is never too early to start planning for it. At Kinsella Financial, we specialize in working with Self-Employed Individuals and Partnerships, Corporate Clients, PAYE Employees and Company Executives to develop a specifically tailored plan based on your current situation and future plans. Due to the many complexities in this area, having specialist advice is essential to ensure your goals are met while maximizing growth on your funds and capitalising on available tax-reliefs.

We believe retirement planning is an ongoing process so it is also hugely important for us to continually review and communicate with you throughout your working life to ensure the retirement structure you have in place matches your circumstances, general policy and tax-reliefs.

While it is important to have a robust plan and structure in place in preparation for retirement, it is equally as important to have the correct advice and structure in place when you meet your retirement years. In this regard, at retirement we will work with you to develop the correct Annuity or Approved Retirement Fund/Approved Minimum Retirement Fund structure and help you implement this appropriately while maximizing potential returns to you in conjunction with relevant taxation policies.

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I have dealt with David for many years as a bank customer & was delighted to be able to avail of his services again at Kinsella Financial. David has always provided a professional & thorough service leaving me with peace of mind of my finances.

Suzanne O'Rourke. Branch Manager of Laois Social Welfare.
January 2017