Financial Service - Protection

We can’t predict what life has in store but we can help protect you and your family for when those setbacks happen. There are a multitude of options to consider, depending on factors such as whether you are an individual or a business, hold lending, have a family, want to protect against illness or want to provide income. We will discuss your current situation and your future plans, source the best options currently available in the market and make our recommendations through a plan specifically prepared for you. We will also advise on any tax reliefs that may be available to you which may make the cost of your protection even more economical.

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In February of this year I engaged the services of David from Kinsella Financial regarding obtaining a mortgage. I genuinely cannot thank David enough for all he has done, he understood right from the start how important purchasing my first home was

Gary Martin, OCM Security & Electrical Services, Tullamore.
April 2018