Protection - Income Protection (PHI)

Income Protection or Permanent Health Insurance is used to fund a portion of lost income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. The maximum amount allowed to fund for is 75% of your salary, less state benefits if you are eligible. There is a minimum period for which you must be out of work, which is known as the deferral period. This can range from 4 to 13 weeks depending on provider. Occupation, deferral period, benefits and costs can impact on options and vary greatly between providers so having the proper discussion to explore the full range of options is vital.

In February of this year I engaged the services of David from Kinsella Financial regarding obtaining a mortgage. I genuinely cannot thank David enough for all he has done, he understood right from the start how important purchasing my first home was

Gary Martin, OCM Security & Electrical Services, Tullamore.
April 2018