Business Consultancy

Business consultancy can mean different things to different businesses. Over the many years in dealing with clients we have found that there are often times where circumstances occur that may not be clearly defined as something to be traditionally dealt with by your accountant, your solicitor or your bank. We have often found that business owners can be unsure on where to go with a problem or how to approach a particular issue that has arisen in their business.

It may be an unusually complex finance requirement, a taxation issue or maybe even just how to define a particular strategy in moving the business forward. Between our long-term first hand practical experience, the formal education & qualifications we hold, and even through outside contacts built up over the years, we can help. We aim to bring clarity on what needs to be done by either pulling together the relevant information for you, or steering you in the direction of where you can find the solutions.

I would like to commend David Kinsella from Kinsella Financial for the outstanding customer service that my associate received from him in purchasing a house.

Ciaran Darcy
on Behalf of Mortgage Client - May 2019